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‘Chickens out back: Lessons from Asiila Imani’ 1

Asiila Imani is a mother, midwife, doula, and writer who home schools and teaches language arts to children in her community. For the past five years she’s been trying her hand at backyard gardening, getting involved with community gardening as well as permaculture. Two years ago she began raising chickens.



Imam Khalid Latif: “Halal or Horrendous?” 1

All of us probably have some type of funny/scary/sad story of visiting a halal meat store. My wife had one too many interactions with a local store that left her bewildered. She would stand at the cash register and order and the owner would then disappear for 20 minutes and […]

Halal and Tayyib in the Here and Now 1

  Life and Death Without Mercy Most Muslims are familiar with the concept of halal (lawful/permissible), the Islamic equivalent of kosher. But we tend to be less familiar with the concept of tayyib (pure/ethical/wholesome/good). Nearly everywhere that we are enjoined in the Qur’an to eat only of the halal, tayyib […]

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